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Stroke survivor speaks out on Go Red Day

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (02/02/18) - Today, is National Wear Red Day to support the fight against heart disease by participating in American Heart Month. 

Every year 1 in 3 women die in the United States due to a heart disease or stroke. For Linda Smith she says she was one of the lucky ones and is fighting back and spreading awareness that is, also, known as the silent killer.

“I was at my granddaughter’s softball game when I noticed that something wasn’t quite right," says Smith. At the age of 54, Linda had a stroke.

“The blood flow is blocked in the brain is what causes the stroke," says Smith. "If they’re not able to restore that blood flow, obviously, the results could be very dramatic and could lead to death.”

Smith says that she was rushed to the hospital but, fortunately, she only stayed for 36 hours before she was able to go home. But her battle wasn’t quite over.

“I was a lot more tired than what I, usually, was beforehand," she says. "And that took probably 6 months to a year to completely go away.” She says that she made healthy life choices and her stroke came as a surprise when the symptoms hit her fast.

Stroke symptoms can include sudden numbness on one side of your body, confusion and trouble speaking, dizziness, and vision issues.

Smith isn’t letting her stroke keep her down. She, now, is more engaged in the heart and stroke community.

"After my stroke I started volunteering with the Heart Association," she explains. "I started the Go Red for Women Luncheon.”

She says never sit back and think everything is fine. Heart disease and stroke can hit anyone at any age and any size. Unfortunately, heart disease is the number one killer of women. For more information on heart disease and stroke click here.

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