(Nixa, Mo.--02/02/18) Some families will roll the dice in hopes of getting their choice on a wait list at the John Thomas School of Discovery in Nixa.

"The opportunities that they provide you here at JTSD are absolutely amazing. There are things that you just wouldn’t get in a normal outside school," explains parent Heather Parker. 

For Parker it was a dream come true for her two kids to be accepted as students for the long coveted JTSD.

"We did some research before our kindergarten went into the lottery and they had a lot of extra programs that they offered as far as after school clubs and activities that you don’t normally see at a kindergarten level through a 6th grade level."

She believes the enrollment lottery drawing is the answer to the challenging curriculum they have been seeking for her children.

"They’re getting them instilled at a grade school level where they’re building on it as they go through the rest of their educational career."

For many others, their kids are one of dozens placed on the waiting list that will have try their luck starting next week.

"They are focused on and the ability to give extra opportunities to take that push that they let the children do to own their own ideas and to encourage them to focus on what do you want to learn about a subject."

Dr. Jennifer Chastain, Principal at JTSD says there are more than 300 Nixa residents on the waiting list for next school year, which is kindergarten through 6th grade,

"Have that same common vision of STEAM and you know that really unites us as building and we have such a collaborative process and really try to personalize learning for the student; give them voice and choice in whatever they do," explains Chastain. 

Administrators say it's an exciting time and busy time for families worried about getting in through the district's random enrollment lottery system.

"Traditionally we have focused on the Math and the English Language Arts because that’s what is tested, but I also feel testing through the lens of Science creates that excitement towards learning and the students thrive in reading and become critical thinkers and problem solvers."

Applications for the lottery will be taken from Feb.5th - Feb.16th. Click here for more information.