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Protecting your information on your smart phone

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (1/13/2018) It's estimated Americans spend close to five hours on their smart phones every day. This may include sharing sensitive information or purchasing items with credit cards, making it extra important to keep your phone protected.

Experts say taking measures to protect your personal information on your phone could be as simple as keeping your phones software up to date, as updates often provide critical security fixes to protect your phone against a hack.

Staying aware while in public places is also another key. Officials say places with public wifi is a prime spot for hackers to lurk.

"If you are on public wifi, you should be cautious of what websites you're going to, what information you're providing so that information isn't stolen," said Sgt. Jonathan Shuck with the Springfield Police Department.

Downloading apps from only a trusted source will also help to keep your data secure. Some third party apps often track your location or steal and share your information without your knowledge.

However, apps are not the only thing tracking your location. If you haven't turned the feature off, your phone takes note of all the places you've been and stores it on the device. To disable this, go to your location services under settings and turn off the significant locations or Google location history at the bottom of your screen.

Turning this feature off will ensure hackers can't gain access to information like where you live or where you work.

Perhaps the easiest way to protect yourself and all the information you have stored on your phone is to put a unique pass code protected lock on your device and also the apps that have personal information. That way if it does fall into the wrong hands, it will make it that much harder for someone to gain access.

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