SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (01/30/2018) The members at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity are now coming to terms with reality after discovering that their local MSU chapter will be no longer until at least 2021.

The organization was notified Sunday night that their chapter was suspended from the campus for the next three years, and they have just ten days to vacate their fraternity house.

"The National Headquarters was aware of alleged violations of its Risk Management policy. They followed up with the decision to cease operations for the chapter and ultimately close the chapter," said Dean of Students at MSU, Thomas Lane.

The fraternity's National Headquarters came to the decision after conducting their own investigation into the local chapter. They alleged that the members had violated a policy that deals with hazing, drugs and alcohol and other related topics.

"It's certainly disappointing anytime a chapter is closed on campus, though I'm confident the national headquarters made the right decision and the best decision keeping the safety and the well-being of its members and our students in mind," said Lane.

MSU says they have had problems with the fraternity in the past. They said that they were recently put on probation for hazing violations. The university is now in the early stages of their own investigation.

"The university will be conduct an investigation of its own to see if there are any violations from individual students that would violate the student code of rights and responsibilities," said Lane.

MSU contacted all 52 members of the chapter, letting them know about housing options and counseling services. Fox 5 did reach out to the fraternity, however they declined to comment.

The university said that they will continue their investigation as they look for answers. If any of the fraternity members are discovered of any wrong doing, MSU stated corrective action will be taken.