(Springfield, Mo.--01/30/18)  The battle against the flu is hitting the front lines across the Ozarks as local pharmacies are struggling to keep up with the demand for flu medication like Tamiflu.

A new flu forecast from the Centers for Disease and Control indicates that 34 million Americans will likely end up with some form of the virus this season,

"We’ve dispensed way more prescriptions for Tamiflu this year that what we did last year," explains Blaine Carter who is a Pharmacist at Alps Pharmacy in Springfield. 

Carter says he's having a hard time keeping the drug Tamiflu, which helps fight the flu, on the shelves.

"We’re able to get it, but for how long that’s up to how long the manufacturer’s can keep producing in it and our wholesalers can provide it for us."

If you got your shot and still came down with the flu or if you get it this season, the vaccination will most likely lessen the severity of it.

"This is one of those medications that is truly proven to work and to shorten the length of an infection for flu or be able to be used as some form of preventing the flu from happening."

Pharmacies, such as George's Pharmacy is noticing a shortage of the liquid form due to the vast number of children that have contracted the flu.

Greg Serocki is a Pharmacist at George's Pharmacy. He tells Fox5,"The capsules seems to be no problem but it’s the ones for the kiddos that we’re having an issue getting right now. So this is probably one of the worst years that I’ve seen getting kids medication for them."

Tamiflu isn't the only way to beat the virus. Serocki says there are other things to prescribe. Ultimately pharmacists say if you are sick, you should stay home because you can be contagious for two weeks after you start showing symptoms.

"Cleanliness is the number one thing to do, wash your hands many times or use hand sanitizer."

There is no magic cure-all for the flu including tamiflu. Carter adds it's also never too late to get your flu shot.

"Be preventative with it, get the flu shot. Flu shots are a great. It’s one of those things that it can really help in preventing in people getting it," explains Carter.