SPRINGFIELD, MO (01/30/18) - Touring Missouri to announce his tax relief plan Governor Greitens was in Springfield today. The governor says his tax plan puts working families first and that it’s a better deal for all Missourians by rewarding 97 percent of all Missouri families. However, protesters and those not in favor of Governor Greitens believe he’s doing more harm than good.

The governor says the tax plan is a bold and responsible one. While others disagreed.

“I am a concerned Missourian," says protester Lindsay Duede. "The Greitens Administration has done several things that make me as a woman and as a college student very frightened and afraid.”

Duede  is worried that college will be unattainable for some students after greitens says he had to make a tough choice when it came to funding higher education or K-12 schools.

“Some people might say we should put less money into K-12 education and to put it into higher ed. But we do have the responsibility to make the budget balance," says Missouri governor Eric Greitens.

One way the tax plan will balance is by increasing money for scholarships towards higher education. Another way is by putting $25 million into infrastructure needs.

The governors tax efforts, also, plan to cut personal income tax rate from 5.9 to 5.3 percent, eliminate certain unnecessary tax breaks, and close loopholes to make this tax reform effort revenue-neutral.

But when it comes to women’s rights Duede says Missouri women deserve better. “Which is wasteful and unnecessary to put over 30 pages of restrictions on a woman’s ability to get safe and legal abortions here in the state.”

While others support the governor.

“I feel very comfortable under Governor Greitens of his support for women’s rights but I do not feel comfortable that Planned Parenthood gets financed out of tax funds," says Greitens supporter Sigi Hill.

Other issues on the governor’s plate; he says the advantage, with the tax relief plan, will go to companies that want to invest in business here in Missouri.

“We’re going to be moving to a single sales factor system. So that the tax rate will be determined based on your sales in Missouri as compared to your sales outside of the state of Missouri," says Greitens. "And that is really good for companies that have employees in the state of Missouri.”

The governor says 380,000 families will be eliminating their tax bill entirely with the relief plan. For his full tax plan click here.