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EF1 Tornado rips through Lawrence County, residents begin clean up

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(Lawrence County, Mo.--01/22/18) A tornado rolled through Lawrence County Sunday night, leaving behind a path of destruction and a community left picking up the pieces.

The National Weather Service confirmed the overnight storm was an EF-1  tornado that hit two miles southeast of Hoberg just after 8 p.m.; snapping trees and damaging buildings.

"We took off and made into the cellar and we got three latches on on our cellar door down there and got the last one locked and it hit, just crashed and everything," explains Don Munden, resident.

Munden and his wife waited out the strom in their storm shelter, winds reached 95 mph above them. When the noise stopped, the couple found their home was miraculously not damaged.

"We thought the house would probably be gone, the roof is tore off, but we’ve got shingles tore off but the house came through good, all of our out building came out good except one." But just 50 feet from their home. "It just missed everything except for our carport."

Looking at what is left and saving what they can, Munden says the blessing is the gift to be alive another day.

"I just thank God you know. I just think he saved us just in the last moment. People really ought to get them a weather radio because that thing right there really saved us. If it had been an EF-2, EF-3, E-F4 or any bigger it probably take the house, we might have been killed.

Down the road, Darrin Weaver spent his Monday repairing damage surrounding his home along with two ski boats.

"Everybody says freight trains but I been In the Air Force it sounded like a jet engine spinning up just a bunch of vibration. I felt the downward force of the wind and it was over," says Weaver.

Weaver and Munden both say they didn't have any warning after the EF-1 tornado left a mile long path of destruction.

"It’s kind of aggravating we put a storm center in place for this stuff. You’d at least like to think you have a minute or so but didn’t have any time."

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