(Springfield, Mo.--01/19/18) Springfield Police are continuing their investigation after a man was shot multiple times outside a home near Drury University during a party on Friday morning.

Authorities were on the scene of a shooting shortly before 4:00 a.m. on the 1400 block of  N. Clay today after a call came in to police of shots fired with a man down.

"Officers responded there and did find a subject had been shot multiple times," says Lieutenant Culley Wilson with the Springfield Police Department.

Wilson says the snow is being used to their advantage to assist them in their investigation

"We have techniques in ways to take a print out of the snow. Our homicide response team is out there right now even though it’s not a homicide we are treating it as such do to the critical injuries to the victim."

Wilson says despite all the people at the party and on the street, the shooter seems to have gotten away without being seen.

"We rely on the community to assist us with many of these types of crimes."

Residents like Richard Preffitt who live around here were surprised by the violence, saying this is usually a quiet street.

"It disturbs me, but I don’t know people come and go in this neighborhood all the time and I don’t pay too much attention to them cause they don’t stick around," explains Preffitt. 

Wilson says multiple people were at the house when they arrived. But police say none of the witnesses were cooperating

"For those who don’t tell us you know guys is fighting for his life right now in the hospital and we want to know who do this and bring this person to justice," says Wilson.

Police say the victim was take to an area hospital in critical condition also adding they've responded to the Clay address 13 times in the past year.