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Walmart finds solution to opioid issue

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (01/17/18) In an effort to help curb misused drugs Walmart is launching a first of its kind opioid disposal solution for free. 

It’s no secret The Ozarks has an issue with drug problems where emergency rooms see more than 1,000 people a day as a result of not using their opioid medication correctly.

“I always say it’s when johnny is going over to play at grandma and grandpas. And every says that’s so sweet but there’s times when that kid is, actually, going through medicine cabinets and getting into medication," says Missouri Recovery Network's David Stoecker.

That’s something Sammy Stewart says she knows all too well.

“I just rummaged through it and started stealing them. And then when I got older I was prescribed them by a doctor and then it just took off from there," says Stewart.

Walmart says 1 in 4 teens has misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime. So the solution they are proposing is called DisposeRX. So here’s what you do: you open the vial, add warm water, add the provided powder and shake. The remaining contents should solidify within 10 minutes.

“This allows for them to have something that they can get rid of it at home instead of traveling somewhere," admits Stoecker.

And Stewart says this new solution will be vital to recovery. “Eighteen months ago I never thought I would be here so my life is amazing, right now," she says. Sammy says she turned her life around for her 3-year-old son, Jax and she says you can too. 

Here is a link to Walmart's press release; You can find blog posts, infographics, and brochures

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