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MODOT clears snowy roadways

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (01/15/18) - Winter weather has, finally, arrived and with the snow on the ground road crews are out there before you wake up to make sure that your commute is going to be a safe one. MoDOT has about 300 people out and about working to clear the streets.

“For our trucks, as large as they are, it’s difficult to plow just an inch of snow off the road," says Bob Becker with MoDOT. "So it takes a while and we’ll do our best to do that but it takes some time. We’ll plow what we can and try and get it off.”

According to Insurance Zebra, each year, 24 percent of weather-related vehicle crashes happen on snowy, slushy pavement and 15 percent during snowfall or sleet. So Becker says just take your time and slow down because those minor roads are still going to cause some problems.

“We start on what we call our major roads such as the 44’s, the 65’s, the 60 highways to make sure where the most traffic is where we put the largest amount of effort initially," explains Becker.

After seeing snow plows out doing what they do best, Becker says don’t pass a snow plow if you come up on one. “If you’re out there and you see us out there give us plenty of room. It’s a big truck and a big piece of equipment," says Becker. "We’re trying to make the roads safe for you.”

Before you head out in the morning Becker says look at their travel information online to see how the roads are. And, although, crews are doing what they can Becker says still be cautious.

"There will be snow packs on the roads and there might be slick spots," said Becker. "So you need to be extremely careful tomorrow morning, especially.”

If you find yourself in a bit of trouble on the roads MoDOT website says to break early, get all the snow off of your headlights, and turn your headlights on even in the day time.

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