(Pulaski County, Mo.--01/12/18) The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office are continuing their investigation into a shooting that left two people dead and two others severely injured.

 It’s only been a day since four people were shot on the 1400 block of Houston Rd in St Roberts. Two of those people have died and Sheriff Jimmy Bench says they need the public's help after a warrant has been issued.

"Made considerable progress overnight and now asking for the public's assistance in locating the following people Richard Romel Taylor, a 43 Year old black male from the Devil’s Elbow," says Sheriff Bench.

Prosecutors today charged Taylor with two counts of first degree murder, two counts of first degree assault, and four counts of armed criminal action.Court documents say Taylor has prior conviction for murder and is on federal probation for trafficking. Bench adds 34 year old Jamel Holt is also a person of interest and detectives would like to talk to him.

"The shooting appears to have been targeted event aimed at the four victims and the general public is not believed to be in any danger.

Investigators continued to comb for answers in a wooded area near I-44 in St. Robert as to what happened Thursday afternoon. One after the other, gun shots became the community alarm at the  Whispering Hills Apartments.

Romeo Mejia is a resident at the Whispering Hills Apartments. He tells FOX5,"I heard like a loud boom noise kind of like a big old firecracker going off and I thought it was a firecracker."

Mejia then realized that was one building away from where the shots were coming from.

"It happened like right around here and stuff and was like what’s going on so I just came inside."

 Tiffany Smith is taken aback by the shooting, saying its unusual to have that type of criminal activity near her home.

"It was insane. Yeah  like it’s really quiet around here so there was like I couldn’t believe it like something like that would happen around here."

The investigation is ongoing and police ask those with information to contact the Pulaski County Sheriffs Dispatch at 573-774-6196.