SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (01/11/2018) Phone scams are becoming more and more common, and in the Ozarks that's no exception. One Springfield resident is now speaking out after she almost became of a victim of the growing statistic.

Multiple individuals claiming to be IRS agents decided to make unsuspecting Lynda Weber their next target.

"This guy said I had just hung up on an IRS agent and that he was an IRS agent, and that he had to talk to me about sending some money to him," said Lynda Weber, the Springfield resident who almost fell for the scam.  

While Weber was skeptical at first, she was also scared as the consequences they threatened were severe. It didn't stop with just one interaction, however. For over a month, numerous calls and over 160 texts from the so-called agents continued to flood Weber's phone until she gave in.

"I went to the bank and got some money and then I went to Western Union," said Weber.

However, the words of caution from a good Samaritan caused her to think twice.

"She said 'no I'm not sending this.' She said 'my mom was in a scam like this and I'm not letting you do this.'"

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as Weber. The Springfield Police say that unless you are the one making the call, you should always be wary of your caller.

"If you get unsolicited phone calls, don't provide them with your social security number or any identifying information unless you've contacted them," said Sgt. Jonathan Shuck with the Springfield Police Department.

Although Weber was able to avoid becoming a victim, she now has a warning for others.

"I'd say check it out. Call IRS or your local police department or whatever and check it out and make sure it's legit, because like I said, I was told that the IRS contacts you through mail," said Weber.

If you are receiving unwanted calls or want to take preventative measures to make sure you're not the next victim of a phone scam, you can sign up to be on a do-not-call list. For more information on how you can do that, click here to be redirected to the do-not-call website.