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Remote start remains popular choice for drivers during cold months

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(SPRINGFIELD, Mo--01/03/17) With the touch of a button, preparing for cold temps across the Ozarks could get a bit less stressful.

FOX5 Spoke with a local automotive shop who is seeing a surge in remote starts.

"Definitely when it gets cold, this polar vortex that we’re experiencing right now has really sparked interest," explains Rick Snelson, President of CAR FI in Springfield. 

Snelson says his team has been working tirelessly.

"We’re almost tired of selling them. I mean the fatigue of my sales people of having answer the phone over the last 6 – 7 weeks it’s been so popular."

He adds the demand for these devices triggers an influx of customers like Ryne Russell.

"Warm versus cold you’re not going to pick cold so I think I’m going to enjoy it," says Russell. 

Technicians have already installed more than 500 since November.

"My truck doesn’t fit in the garage so whenever I go out it’s always cold and it takes a little bit to warm up."

Snelson says with the temperatures dropping, and even when they rise, remote starts save drivers time and hassle.

"Your car is defrosted if it snowed or if you have frost or ice on the windows. It won’t be there so you won’t have to scrape the windows," explains Snelson.

Technicians say drivers should invest in a remote starter, so while your car is left alone your steering and transmission remain locked and you car stays where you left it.

"For any reason you don’t have the key and you hit the brake, ignition dies, that’s it. They’d have to hot wire it just like they would if there wasn’t a remote start."

While it's conveinent for drivers to keep their cars warm and toasty with a remote start, Lisa Cox, Public Affairs Officer, with Springfield Police says the device does comply with city ordinance.

"The key has to be taken out of the ignition so remote car systems aren’t actually using a key in the ignition so leaving the car running and unattended without that key in there is actually following the ordinance," explains Cox.

Authorities are encouraging citizens who don't have a remote start to be cautious and don't fall victim of a car theft. 

"If you are one who leaves your keys in the ignition and walks off for a few minutes it’s just a matter of time that you’re going to be the next victim.'

Springfield's City ordinance in regards to unattended motor vehicles:

"No person driving or in charge of a motor vehicle shall permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the key; provided that this shall not apply to local delivery trucks while in the process of making a delivery when the name of the owner of such truck is lettered thereon. When any motor vehicle is left standing upon a perceptible grade, the driver or operator shall, before leaving such motor vehicle, effectively set the brake thereon  and turn the front wheels to the curb or side of the street."

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