SPRINGFIELD, MO (1/1/18) - 2018 is here and the number one New Year's Resolution is to get fit.

“I think with a new year you want to start off with a new you and why not start off with your body," says Erin Shaw with the YMCA Pat Jones.

Stats show that gyms in the U.S. serve 131.7 million members. And local gym goers in Springfield are ready to feel the burn.

“Work hard. It’s 2018 you can do whatever you want and make new goals," says gym member Evan Whetstone.

“New Year’s Resolutions are big around this time and about after a month a lot of people drop off. I encourage people that do it to stay with it and don’t get ahead of themselves," says gym member Matthew Erickson.

Shaw says they’ve seen a variety of ages and genders today. And even the weather, she says is bringing people in to keep warm.

But sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions is a little harder than you think. About 4 percent of new comers when they go to a gym aren’t going to make it past January. And ladies, sorry to say this but you’re more likely to bail than a guy.

In a recent study, women accounted for 14 percent of gym dropouts versus 8 percent of men.

“People can’t find the time or don’t, necessarily, want to make the time," says Whetstone. A study by Harvard University shows that between men and women only about 18 percent of people who buy memberships will use them consistently. So if you need motivation to stick to your New Year’s Resolution Erickson says, "I never felt bad leaving the gym.”