Los Angeles, CA - (12/11/2017)

The fire fight now into its second week in southeern California, the flames burning through more than 230 thousand acres now, and impacting thousands of buildings. All of that while winter impacts the eastern half of the country in tonight's world of weather.

Crews in southern California still trying to get a handle on a series of fast-moving wildfires. The largest and mots destructive, the Thomas fire, experiencing a major flare-up on Sunday, prompting thousands of new evacuations in and around Santa Barbara. That after burning through more than 200 thousand acres in Ventura county. Residents in the path of the fire, urged to get out as soon as possible.

They just told us to get out, get out of Carpinteria. - Debbie Stevens, Evacuee, Carpinteria, CA

Carpinteria is just one of the areas suddenly in harm's way. Fire crews have good reason for their concern, hundreds of structures are gone, many of them homes. The Thomas fire is now the 5th largest in California history, encompassing an area larger than all of New York City. And firefighters say they expect the fires to grow, fueled by dry vegetation and the Santa Ana winds. They're increasing water drops, trying to save as many homes as possible.

Residents who decided not to evacuate are dealing with power outages and shortages of food and water, many say they don't want to abandon their homes, and never through the fire would travel so far.

I was like astonished because this doesn't happen like in the central coast. Tyler Kreider, Santa Maria, CA

Some evacuees, like those in San Diego county, are now able to start returning home.

A lot of sadness for my neighbors. Their home is there one day and gone the next. - Dana Andrews, Evacuee

Some areas beginning the cleanup, but the process is expected to take a long time.

We're entering the recovery phase now. We're trying to help the people who are affected by these fires get back on their feet. They're going through some of the hardest times they've ever gone through. - Red Cross Volunteer

That while firefighters try to put out remain hotspots.

Continuing to mop up and make it safe for residents to return. - Mark Brown, Operations Section Chief

And with the smoke still thick in the air, residents are still concerned with air quality. Face masks flying off the shelves from most stores in the region.

I don't want any damage to the lungs of my family so to not have it would worry me. - Elizabeth Mahoney, Evacuated from Ojai, CA

Winds were lighter today, but with no rain in the forecast, the area will remain dry and vulnerable to more fire activity.

On the east coast, the same system that brought up to 10 inches of snow to Alabama on Friday sent heavy snow through places like Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The snow coming down heavy in New Haven, Connecticut, up to 6 inches reported there. Philadelphia seeing freezing temperatures and icy roads as th snowstorm blew through. Long Island turning to a winter wonder land after as much as 10 inches feel in a few spots, coating everything in heavy wet snow.

Thundersnow even reported in Lackawanna on the shores of Lake Erie in New York, lake effect snow bands expected to put down as much as 18 inches of snow there.