(NIXA,Mo.--12/06/17) As we head into another cold night here in the Ozarks, a Christian County non profit organization that help people living in poverty desperately needs your help.

It's starting to feel more like winter, meaning its time to bundle up. But Least of These Food Pantry, needs your help.

"Coats for my girls and they don’t have them," explains mother of two Shawna Gibbs.

The non profit has already run out of winter coats and warm clothes for children and men. For years the non profit has been a beacon of hope to Missourians' less fortunate, especially during the colder months.

"There’s a lot of kids that are not going to be having coats and I feel bad for them."

Bins and racks once filled with winter coats are empty. Leaving the mother of two no where to turn.

"I will have to get up early in the morning, get off early, miss hours from work and pick them up from school cause I’m not going to have my kids running around this cold air."

Bonnie Schooler is the Executive Director for Least of These. She says the demand has been a lot higher, and they are having a hard time keeping up.

"You got people coming in that need coats and we’ve got nothing to give them," explains Schooler.

Organizers say people are counting on these coats.

"We got 450 coats for the Optimist Club Drive at the beginning of the season,but they’re gone. We see 2300 individuals a month so they go fast."

The organization is now asking the community to help them, so they can help others.

"This is the season of giving. This is the season of thinking about other people so in the midst of all your busiest take a minute and think how can I help, how can I be a part of that solution and bring your coats."

Marcus Johnson is the Owner of Marco's Pizza in Nixa. He tells FOX5,"This time of year it’s definitely our time to show our strength and not really focus on ourselves so much but to focus on the community.

Johnson Is taking action to help his community. For every coat brought to the restaurant, he says they will be giving away free food.

"You can do something nice, help us do something nice and it benefits a lot of people."

Click Here: for more information on how you can help Least of These.