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Airport installs suites for nursing moms

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(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--12/05/17) We can all agree that air traveling, even in the best of circumstances isn't fun. But for nursing mothers who must get on a plane for work, air travel can be harrowing.

That's why the Springfield Branson National Airport has added a new option for mothers.

As a mother of a little baby, Hannah Cook knows how challenging it can be to find a private place to breastfeed.

"When you don’t know where you’re going to be and how to plan on where you can feed your baby or where you can pump if moms need to pump its hard because they could find themselves with no place to pump or feed a baby," explains Cook.

That's why the Springfield Branson National Airport has installed a privacy suite for traveling mothers who need to breastfeed.

"There’s an initiative to take care of moms to help them take care of their babies."

 For traveling moms having somewhere to feed their baby makes the idea of flying so much easier.

Brian Weiler is the Director of the Springfield Branson National Airport. He tells FOX5,"traveling is stressful enough. Whatever we can do to improve that experience, relieve the stress for mothers that are traveling with small children to be able to still provide breast milk for their child."

Weiler says the suite is in a centralized area past security and has easy access. The room allows mothers to lock the door while they're inside.

"While we had family restrooms for awhile that were being used for breastfeeding. We were getting comments that we could do better."

Officials say the lactation room is not a message to nursing moms that they have to feed their infants privately. It gives them that option, but primarily gives mothers who pump a place to do so.

"We understand not having an adequate facility is an impediment to mothers that do want to nurse to that so we just listened and again we’re able to provide this amenity."

Dr. Chan Reyes is a family physician and on the Board of Directors for Greater Ozarks Regional Breastfeeding Coalition. She says she is pleased to see efforts being made to support mothers who do decide to breastfeed.

"It’s not fun and its not appropriate to go to a bathroom to sit on a stall and breastfeed your child so there has to be places like this where it’s secure, safe and private for moms and babies," explains Dr. Reyes.

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