(STONE COUNTY Mo.--, 11/29/17) A survivor of domestic violence is now sharing her story to empower other women to get help that could save their lives.

"Everyday that I wake up down there I’m alive. Everyday I woke up before going down there I had to ask myself was today the day I was going to die," explains Sandra, a survivor of domestic violence. 

People in abusive relationships face many obstacle in removing themselves from their situations, no matter how unhappy they are. Sandra who wants to control her real name because of her story of survival.

"Strong physically, just strong all over, but it took that one little manipulation, that one little right, right words, schmoozing I guess you could say that won me over and it became a snow ball effect."

The journey was not an easy one.

"He threw gasoline on me and with a lit torch threatened to light me on fire."

She had feeling of loneliness and despair but despite all of her obstacles, but Sandra says walking away is worth it.

"And I’ll never forget the time the words that came out of his mouth, that I will burn you before you burn out on me."

She knows that abusers ,manipulate and devalue their spouses, and that years of this kind of psychological abuse takes it’s toll.

"It’s almost like you play a part in a play.You do everything you’re supposed to and you wear the strings and you become the puppet just to make the play go through. But behind the scenes is where the big danger is."

Although there still work to do. Vicki Trump, Chief Executive Officer with Harbor House says partnerships with law enforcement have helped hold people responsible.

"It gives the victims hopefulness that their situation can be rectified and that the abuser can be made and justice to served," explains Trump.

Harbor House and Christian Associates in Stone County helps victims of domestic violence , Trump says 25 people in the area call for help every week to report these types of incidents.

"No one should have to live under those circumstances, that nobody who says they love you should treat you that way and that they can all move forward and make something out of their lives."

Sandra hopes her telling her story will help inspire others to get help.

"Tell your story, fight the fights and stand up and survive because that’s the only way you’ll get through it," says Sandra.