PLEASANT HOPE, Mo. -- (11/29/2017) Earlier today, authorities were called to Pleasant Hope High School after what appeared to be an explosive device was confiscated from one of their students.

School officials became concerned and contacted Pleasant Hope police after two students came forward to report a suspicious device.

The device was immediately confiscated and the male student was detained until authorities arrived.

"When we arrived on scene it was in an office. As soon as we go there we disposed of the device and took it from inside the building to outside for the safety of the children," said Bobby Smith, the Chief of Police of the Pleasant Hope Police Department.

Upon further examination, the explosive appeared to be a homemade firework with a fuse as the detonator. With no previous record, the sophomore student claims he had no intentions of using the device to cause any harm.

"It was just a deal where he wanted to have some fun and made it up thinking it wasn't going to be that big of a deal," said Smith.

While no incidents like this have ever happened before in Pleasant Hope, authorities and the school were still prepare. The high school released a statement today saying that all precautionary measures were taken to ensure the safety of students and staff.

However, the chief is reassuring the community tonight that this was an isolated incident, and that those in the community can rest assured that no immediate danger remains.

The suspect is still in custody and is being held in Camden County. The investigation will be picked up by the Polk County Juvenile Office where they will determine whether or not charges should be filed.