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Missouri gun laws in the spotlight

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (11/27/2017) Since Missouri's new gun laws went into effect earlier this year, citizens are now able to carry concealed weapons without a permit which adds to Missouri's already fairly relaxed gun laws which require no waiting period for those seeking to buy a firearm.

"Having a waiting period, in my opinion is kind of silly. Legal gun owners should be able to get their firearm once they pass they're background check, once they go through the proper steps," Jered Taylor, the State Representative for District 139.

While some view the existing law as an extension of their second amendment right, others find it concerning, and say that the state-approved training that was once required to obtain a permit to carry should be reinstated.

"I'm definitely a supporter of training. I think that folks that are carrying guns should be trained. I do think that our current laws which we have passed in the past few years are worrisome," said Crystal Quade, the State Representative for District 132.

While gun laws are constantly in the spotlight, the focus remains on who should be allowed to own guns and where those guns should be allowed to be carried. As these issues continue to become more and more controversial, they are topics that both parties believe need to be resolved in order to help keep communities safe.

According to the Washington Post, gun deaths have seen a significant increase in 2017which makes the question of where guns are acceptable even more of a hot topic.

"If you look at the states that have added campus carry for instance, as taking that off the gun free zones, we're actually seeing more tragedy and accidents than vice versa," said Quade.

However, Taylor believes that increasing gun control will do little to stop guns from falling into the wrong hands, and that those abiding by the law shouldn't face restrictions.

"Lawful citizens that own firearms should carry their firearms and protect themselves wherever they're traveling. We shouldn't be saying you can go here, but you can't go here," said Taylor.

Despite their differing views, both Taylor and Quade stated they just want those in the community to be safe while exercising their second amendment rights in the best way possible.

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