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Safety tips for the holidays

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (11/27/17) - If you plan on going away for the holidays that means your home is more than likely vulnerable to burglaries. And with 1.6 million reported residential burglaries reported, last year, there are safety tips you can take to keep your home safe.

For criminals, the holiday season means it’s time to cash in on your carefully wrapped gifts.

Ben Farris with Central Security Group recommends joining a neighborhood watch or install a security system, with cameras, that are armed during the day.

“Everybody arms them when they leave the house but I think a lot of people forget to arm it when you’re home," says Farris. "A lot of thefts happen during the day.”

According to, homes without security systems are up to 300 percent more likely to be broken into. And Farris agrees, saying that criminals will go for easy targets. “They go through a neighborhood and they see security sign, security sign, security sign, and then a house without one their probably going to go after the house that doesn’t have one.”

And while you’re leaving your home unattended, criminals are also searching for your private information via the internet.

“Well a lot of people shopped this past weekend over their mobile devices. But what many people may have forgotten to do is to have the latest apps installed and also the latest updates because those will have the latest security devices," says Stephanie Garland with The Better Business Bureau. 

With Cyber Monday ending in just a few hours, here are some quick tips Garland says you can take to save your private information; "back up your data and make sure you have secure information.”

Other ways to safe at home is don't throw away boxes of your gifts until trash day. Criminals will eye what you have and plan to take it. Also, Farris says with their security system you can talk with people through your door bell. Garland, also, promotes using secure wifi. It's tempting to shop in your favorite coffee spot, but she says scammers can target your information easier in places like that.

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