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Holiday shopping

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- (11/23/2017) Despite all the deals that are happening now, the average holiday shopper will still spend around $400 over the Black Friday weekend. Some aren't even waiting for Black Friday to hit, however, and took to the stores earlier today hoping to save a few bucks.

Some came with a plan and ready to stand in line for hours.

"Just go straight for the laptop, my wife's going over to the movies, because there's some movies she wanted and a couple other small items for presents," said shopper Bill James.

"We're going to all split up, each go to different parts and grab as much stuff as we can," said Kaya Heinrichs, a first-time Black Friday shopper.

"I have a friend who's going to go one way and I'm going to go another way. Pretty much divide and conquer," said Nathan Jones, a holiday shopper.

Some people on the other hand weren't as prepared.

"I've been in line for five minutes. I'm waiting for a TV. Hopefully, it's still  there otherwise I just stood in line and enjoyed the company of everyone else waiting," said Garrett Estebow, a Best Buy shopper.

Hundreds interrupted their Thanksgiving celebrations to have first pick of all the Black Friday deals.

"We already had Thanksgiving but when we get done with all this we're going to go back and have leftovers," said James.

However, it's not just the shoppers who have been preparing.

"We do a lot. It starts midsummer, if not earlier than that with the ordering of holiday signage, decor and of course implementing that as we get closer to that. We prepare all year to make sure we're getting the best experience possible," said Amanda Estes, the Director of Marketing and Business Development at the Battlefield Mall.

While thanksgiving day marks the beginning of the biggest sales of the year, for many the shopping excursions are far from over.

"We're going to go across the street to target and then maybe to Walmart, we'll see. This is just the beginning," said Jones.

However, if you're not able to be one of the 164 million shoppers that are expected to be braving the craziness this weekend, you can always skip the line and wait for Cyber Monday when you can get all the deals from the comfort of your own home.

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