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Kitchen safety tips

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (11/22/17) - Cooking-related fires are the number one cause of house fires and fire-related injuries in Springfield. And with Thanksgiving tomorrow, folks listen up! This could just save your holiday.

“You know it’s a really big concern. If we were to reduce or eliminate cooking fires we would eliminate most of the fires we have here in Springfield," says Springfield fire department spokeswoman Cara Erwin. "So it’s pretty significant.”

66 percent of home cooking fires started with food or other cooking materials, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Erwin says, last year, they had to visit too many homes. “We had 66 cooking related fires.”

The fire department and Erwin says of these house fires many of them could have been prevented.

Often, injuries are caused and damage worsened by someone not responding correctly to these types of fires. So if you’re using a stove, get rid of the oxygen and put a lid on it. Or if you’re using an oven turn down the heat and get out of the house.

“If you take a second and try to take a deep breath and follow what you’ve learned it’s very easy to do," says Erwin. "The problem is that we panic and we act without thinking.”

And you probably guessed it! Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires. The NFPA shows that this surpasses the average by 4 times!

To have a thankful and fun filled holiday remember these safety tips; if you see flames, don’t put baking soda on it. It could spread the fire. Erwin says the most absolute worst thing you could do is to poor water on the flame.

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