NIXA, MO (11/17/17) - Nixa Public Schools is hosting a First Lego League match tomorrow. The competition introduces 4th through 8th graders challenges with science and technology while working with robotics.

“I’m very confident. I think we’ll do great Saturday and I hope my team has a lot of fun," says Sailor, a 6th grader on the FLL team.

With over 200 kids competing Saturday at Nixa, they must incorporate robotics by coding and researching by solving real world problems.

“You can see and get a little bit of insight of what’s going on in the world and what the problem is," says Sailor.

And this years theme is hydrodynamics. “They are researching and work through problems of how people find, use, and transport water," says the FLL robotics coach Briana Rodgers.

Each board represents a new challenge. By testing their skills, the kids are figuring out how to transport clean water to areas that don’t have it, prepare dams, and purify water. And their doing this all with a little thing they like to call fill-train-tion. Sailor says, “We’re trying to make a train that will filter water while it’s being transported.”

The kids will introduce their robots and how they will solve real world problems to judges. This globbal educational program has reached 85 countries with more than 32,000 teams, which has Rodgers saying she thinks they're ready and excited!

For Sailor, she says joining First Lego League has been a bonding experience with her teammates. “In 5th grade I signed up because I thought it’d be fun because I didn’t have very many friends so I just stuck with it," she says.

Now, Sailor says she’s ready to show off her hard work that she has created with her teammates! "I’m very proud. I think my team has worked very well this year.”

The best teams will go on to the finals later this school year. And then from there will represent the United States in international competitions.