STRAFFORD, MO (11/13/17) - Meet the newest white tiger! This 2-week-old and her siblings call Wild Animal Safari home.

“It’s less than 10 percent of the cats. And most of them, I believe right now, are in captivity and raised that way," says the president of Wild Animal Safari Jim Meikle.

With only about 200 white tigers left in the world, Meikle says we are lucky to have one here in Missouri, but he wasn’t too surprised to have a white tiger in the mix since the tiger cubs father is one.

A white tiger is a type of bengal tiger that occurs when two tigers carry a recessive gene controlling coat color. And with being the only white tiger out of her siblings, she is showing just how rare she is.

"She's getting chunky for her age. She just cuddles up where there’s momma or her siblings," says Meikle.

Originally from Asia, it doesn’t take a lot of upkeep to make this rare tiger family healthy and happy. Meikle says all they need is "hings to climb on, play with, and so forth to keep them entertained and happy."

The tigers are expected to reach around 10 feet in length, with the white tiger weighing around 600 pounds, making this predator a rare beauty here in the Ozarks.

But what’s next for this unique sight? “I, already, have a buyer for the white tiger," says Meikle. "It’ll go sometime in December.”

With only about a month to see this uncommon tiger, Wild Animal Safari still has yet to name her. But they might just need your help.

“We may do a contest for the name," says Meikle. "That’s still undecided.”

So hurry up and catch this rare beauty before she’s gone!