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Fall brings increase in deer vehicle crashes

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(SPRINGFIELD, Mo. 11/08/17) Missouri Department of Transportation are warning drivers to be on the lookout for deer as November is the peak month for deer-vehicle crashes.

FOX5 spoke to officials who are urging drivers to be cautious as they head out to their commute after several slaughtered deer sightings.

"It’s very concerning and they’re distractions,but those animals can come out the wood line and they’re pretty fast so you just need to pay attention," explains Matt Ilgenfritz, Maintenance Supervisor, MODOT.

Ilgenfritz is warning motorists that mating season and the quest for more secure habitat have deer on the move at this time of year, increasing the chances of vehicle collisions.

"I think this time of year its very common due to the overpopulation of the deer, the perfect habitat. You’ve got woods, water source, right here by Nature Center."

Maintenance crews say around the interchange at U.S. 65 and James River Freeway is a dangerous spot for motorists to encounter deer.

"In the last week or two this will probably be 8-10."

Officials say drivers should slow down and be extra alert, especially in the early morning and early evening hours, when visibility is low and deer are most active.

"They need to pay attention, look beyond your as far as you can beyond your lights, look ahead and anticipate there could a deer coming at you."

MODOT cautions drivers to refrain from making exaggerated maneuvers to avoid a deer in the road, lest a bad situation become even worse.

"If they have to hit the deer I’d rather hit the deer then cause another accident with another vehicle or wreck drive off the side of road."

Crews say that if a motorist does collide with a deer and it poses danger to traffic they will respond to remove it.

"We will drag it off and we will take it to a location. Usually it’s a wooded area on the right away where there’s no homes, no houses around, we will try to discard it that way where no one can see it and let nature takes it course then."

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