(SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--11/07/17)If you’ve received a call from a Springfield company wanting to buy your timeshare take heed.

The Better Business Bureau is investigating a possible scam in the area.

"Why people think they can make money for nothing on somebody else's blood, sweat, and tears it’s got to stop," explains Donna Hickey.

A New York woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attack says she was scammed thousands of dollars by someone offering to buy her timeshare. She is now warning other owners so they don’t fall victim.

"I gave them $18,035 to get me out of five weeks of timeshare and it seemed like when the check was cashed nobody could be found."

 Hickey says Martin Management Group in Springfield told her they had a buyer for her timeshare, however they were requesting money first for the transaction.

"I don’t blame anyone but myself, but you know what they can do this to people."

The BBB advised timeshare owners to not agree to anything on the phone or online until you've had the chance to check out the company or the re-seller.

Stephanie Garland is the  Regional Director for the Springfield Better Business Bureau. She tells FOX5," A lot of times it may seem like there’s a lot of fine print and you’re in a hurry but we urge people to take the time to do some research before signing it."

 Garland says the BBB has received large number of calls from people complaining about Martin Management Group.

"We take it very seriously whether it’s Mark Management Group or any other complaint and we reach out to people on both sides, both the consumers and the businesses to see if we can come to a solution."

Martin Management Group has an " F"rating from the BBB. We tried contacting business owner David Martin at his residence, but he refused to answer.

"They thought they were going to be liquidated from their time shares, they thought it was going to be an easy process and those promises were not delivered."

Hickey hopes by sharing her story, it will other timeshare owners avoid the hard lessons shes had to learn.

"Don’t panic. Get a grip on it, do your due diligence, get your facts straight and you won’t be a victim," explains Hickey.

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