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Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk PhD.

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Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk (Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2007) has been a member of the Springfield community since 2006 and has studied politics her entire academic career. Born and raised in the steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Elizabeth was introduced to politics at a young age when her father, an attorney, was already involved in local politics and the Democratic Party of Beaver County, Pennsylvania. When Elizabeth realized that most people do not “like” politics, she started engaging people in political talk and eventually turned that work into her career as a professor, her service through the non-profit Be Civil, Be Heard, and her role as a mother of young children who are learning about how to give back to their community.

Elizabeth’s undergraduate work was in mass media communications in the Tim Russert School of Communication at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. Her academic career overtook her interest in television and news reporting when she fell in love with teaching in 1997.

Today, Elizabeth uses her knowledge, love of teaching, and service to the community by teaching at Missouri State University and fulfilling their Public Affairs Mission partly by helping citizens understand the politics of the day. As an analyst, she feels she can best help people sort through the rhetorical strategies of politicians to be active participants in our democracy.  Says Dudash-Buskirk, “I never enjoyed the practice of politics, but I love pulling it apart and examining it. I like the idea that we can look at politics from the outside to determine how we want to respond—no matter our emotional ties to one party or another. I just want people to feel a sense of efficacy as citizens.”

Dr. Dudash-Buskirk joined the FOX 5 team in 2015 when the Presidential Election of 2016 began to heat up. Coverage of that election, other political events, and the mid-term election of 2018 has kept her busy at the KRBK studios.

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