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New safety association comes to schools in Missouri

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NIXA, MO (10/11/17) - Teachers, administrators, and a cross section of people throughout the state of Missouri joined forces to promote school protection by creating the Missouri School Safety Association.

“We’re really coming together and saying these are our truths, these are our consistent things, so where can we find common ground and then coming up with those consistent standards together," says the president of the association Zac Rantz.

The association will watch over pre-k through college students. In the school district of Nixa, there are 6,200 students and in the state of Missouri there are over 900,000, not including those in higher education. This makes the big focus to be coming up with standards that are consistent for each student.

Nixa officials say their school is safe but the association does have to deal with millions of kids across the state. And that’s the goal of the association to keeping their kids safer.

One way to get all schools on the same page is by comparing school districts and finding the best practices.

Rantz says, “No matter where you are in the state we know this is what will be going on and this is how we’ll handle certain situations.”

Rantz claims that in different districts there are longer bus routes. This will change the safety plan from school to school. And letting community officials get involved is, also, something the association hopes for. Such as police response time in case of an emergency.

“School districts are dealing with response times that could be 45 minutes. For Nixa, ours is three," says Rantz. "So that changes our safety planning completely different.”

In the works over the last year, Rantz says bringing school districts dealing with similar, but different, issues can make for better solutions in keeping your child safe.

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