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Oreo offering $50K for guessing 'mystery' flavor

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Foxnews.com -- (10/11/17) Oreo’s new “mystery flavor” isn’t that much of a mystery, according to foodies across the Internet.

Earlier this week, Oreo announced that they would be giving fans the chance to guess the correct flavor of their new “mystery flavored creme” for a chance to win a $50,000 grand prize, or one of five additional $10,000 prizes. Interested fans simply need to taste the limited-edition Mystery Oreos and submit a guess through OreoMystery.com.

Problem is, most taste-testers have come to a consensus: The mystery flavor is either Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Trix, or some other fruity cereal, they say.

Others, while agreeing on some type of cereal-based flavor, have also hinted that the new “mystery flavored crème” doesn’t quite lend itself to a cookie.

Several websites who reviewed the cookies are also putting their money on some type of fruit cereal. Over at Food & Wine, the taste-testers’ results were “almost unanimously ‘Fruity Pebbles’”; Foodbeast, meanwhile, guessed “Froot Loops”; and one editor at Delish pegged the flavor as fruity, but “like the Axe Body Spray of Fruity Pebbles kind of fruity.”

Consumer review site The Impulse Buy, meanwhile, seems to be torn between fruit cereal or creamsicle, but lamented that both were already flavors of Oreo in recent years.

"While it saddens me that this Mystery Oreo could be a recycled flavor, I do enjoy the creme," the reviewer wrote.

Oreo is accepting guesses at OreoMystery.com now through Nov. 30. According to the official rules, entrants who provide a correct guess are then entered into a sweepstakes for the grand prize.

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