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Trump 'opioid crisis a national emergency'

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-(8/10/17) President Trump has now called the opioid epidemic in the United States a 'national emergency.' David Stoecker, an advocate with the Missouri Recovery Network, says the Presidents comments leave him feeling both optimistic and scared about the future of opioid recovery in the area. 

“My biggest fear would be him declaring a national emergency and then following the front he talked about yesterday,” said Stoecker. 

Before calling the opioid epidemic a national emergency today, the President made these comments yesterday.

“Strong law enforcement is absolutely vital to having a drug free society.”

Stoecker is hoping the President will view those addicted to opioids not as criminals but as people that need help, and that individuals who start using these drugs are often times trying to escape from different situations in their lives they are unable to cope with.

“Everyone by now knows that heroin is bad, and they know that if they take those pain pills they can become addicted,” he added. 

Stoecker was once addicted to opioids himself, using those drugs to cover up the painful memories of being molested as a child. He says teaching coping skills to kids at a young age could potentially keep them from turning to opioids or other drugs later

in life.“If I would have had copies skills instilled in me at a younger age, I might have been able to deal with it instead of running away from it.”    

Stoecker is also one of the leaders of the Springfield Recovery Community Center, which specialized in helping those in all stages of substance abuse find help. For more information on the center, follow this link:

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