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Poisonous gas found in cop cars

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SPRINGFIELD, MO (08/10/17) - Carbon monoxide has become a problem in police cruisers, throughout the country. That’s why the City of Nixa took action, today, to ensure that their officers are safe by installing carbon monoxide detectors in their vehicles.

“The years of the models that are affected are 2015 through 2017. Which, is all of our fleet of the Ford Interceptors," says Nixa's public information officer Drew Douglas.

Although, the City of Nixa hasn’t had any problems with their Ford Interceptors officers in other states have complained of upset stomachs, dizziness, confusion, and one officer passed out and crashed their vehicle while on duty.

The city of Nixa is installing nine carbon monoxide detectors. But, they’re only doing this out of precaution. So, if an officer hears a beep that’s when they know there’s too much carbon monoxide in the vehicle.

All Ford Interceptors are modified for law enforcement usage. Douglas says that’s when the problem begins.

Douglas says, "When that second modifier comes in to install computers and other things like that on the car making sure that the wiring and any holes that are drilled are then sealed so there’s no leakage.”

Douglas says if the detector does go off, it will alert the officer to take action.

And Nixa isn’t the only city taking safety measures. The Greene County officers, have also, installed carbon monoxide detection systems in their cruisers.

“The monoxide detectors we’re going to put in are just like the ones you’d put in your home," says Douglas. "Battery operated and we will change those batteries on a schedule.”

So far there has been a reported 2,700 complaints of carbon monoxide in the Ford Interceptors to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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