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Pets Left in Hot Cars

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“If you wouldn’t leave a human in a car, you shouldn’t leave and animal – your dog, your cat, whatever it might be – in your hot car either.” says Greene County Evironmental Health Administrator Erica Little.

In the last 16 days, there have been 29 reports of pets in hot cars, with some of those cases having multiple pets in a single vehicle. There are a few unintentional mistakes that you could be making that are harming your pet’s health.

“People often leave their windows down thinking, ‘Hey, i’m doing the best thing for my animal. They’re going to get a breeze.’ ...however, those temperatures in that car still rise quickly, even by leaving those windows down. It doesn’t take much heat to get that car hot.” Little says.

For your furry friends left at home, Little says to make sure they have shade or air-conditioning; food and cool, clean water; and on those afternoon strolls, let your pet walk in the grass as walking on a hot sidewalk can burn the pads on pets’ feet.

But pay close attention, as signs of Fido’s suffering may be hard to identify:

“Some signs you’ll see are panting, drooling, and then they can become weak over an extended period of time.” Little says.

So far, 16 states prohibit leaving an animal in a confined vehicle, but Missouri is not one of them. As the heat continues to climb, protect yourself and your loved ones – furry or not. 

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