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Deck Safety

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Springfield, MO.- (6/16/17)

This prom video which went viral several years ago shows what started as a fun night out on a porch, that quickly turned dangerous, in Michigan, 14 people were injured just last night after another deck collapse and  as houses grow older, its only  problem that is getting worse. Local deck builders, recalling some of the worst calls they’ve received.

Michael Ormsby, Owner of Deck Company of America LLC. says, “They had a lot of people over to celebrate their house and the deck around back, and i believe there was 12-15 people on the deck and it collapsed and seriously injured several people, they’re still trying to recover to this day”.

“Well, i went to a couple, and they’ve just fallen down because they were rotten and bad lumber” continued Scott Henson, Owner of Built By Scott Henson.

Nearly all failed decks collapse because of some kind of water infiltration, experts say what they call ‘deck flashing’ which prevents moisture from getting into the wood is one of most important elements to a safe build.

Henson who was on site looking at a job says, “This side over here was pulling loose from the house because there’s no bolts or anything on that side, so it probably would’ve fell you know?"

And its important to inspect your deck at least once every four years so that professionals can check for things like water damage.

Ormsby added, “With all the rain, the decks that are not properly flashed, water is getting into the house, and when we pull apart the siding, we realize that the deck is rotted, and we have to pull apart the deck and rebuild the deck”.

Normally, a deck will last anywhere from 15—25 years, depending on how its maintained.

“When you build a deck that is pressure treated or cedar, you want to come back every couple years and pressure treat it and stain it, to prevent water from penetrating it, you don’t want the deck to rot from the inside out” Ormsby continued. 

But the key to having a safe deck for people to use is to have it inspected, and know the signs of deterioration.

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