To help viewers receive FOX 5 KRBK, Me-TV and MOVIES! Network, we have answered a few frequently asked questions below. 

If you are an over-the-air antenna viewer, and have not found FOX 5 KRBK 49.1, Me-TV 49.2, MOVIES! Network 49.3, or Ion 49.4 on your television, please start by running a Channel Scan.

Why can’t I get your station?  I get all the other Springfield stations without a problem.  What’s the deal?
When the Federal Communications Commission authorized the license for KRBK, the city of  license was Osage Beach, MO.   So, the center of our coverage area would normally be Osage Beach, rather than Springfield.   In an effort to ‘split the difference’ and cover both areas, the owners of KRBK built an innovative tower system. DTS (distributed transmitter system), also known as SFN (single frequency network) uses multiple towers to cover the desired area.

What Direction do I Point my Outdoor Antenna?
We broadcast from a network of seven DTV transmitters throughout Southwest Missouri. For the most reliable signal strength, point your outdoor or attic antenna to the closest tower location to your address:

I live in the Rogersville, Fordland, Seymour or Marshfield area and get all the other stations with an indoor antenna.   Why can’t I get you?
The other Springfield TV stations broadcast from Fordland with a full power signal. Our FCC license does not allow us to do this.  However, in an effort to improve our signal in these areas, we recently signed on a low power “booster” near Fordland.  Our signal now covers this area, but depending on where you live, you may need an outdoor antenna to see us.

What Antenna do you Recommend?
The outdoor antenna that we have tested and recommend is the Channel Master Stealthtenna 50. There is a sticker on the antenna that says “point toward station”. It’s very important that it’s aimed in the right direction. Please let us know if you have any questions or can help you with aiming the antenna. For areas where additional signal strength is needed you will need an amplifier. We recommend the Antennas Direct ClearStream™ In-Line Amplifier.

What about those of us who live in Branson and Harrison?
There’s a large area of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas that are outside the licensed coverage contour of Fox5/MeTV.  To serve those areas, we made an arrangement with Daystar Broadcasting, owners of KWBM at Branson.  We ‘piggyback’ Fox5 and MeTV on their signal.   We make it appear to be 49.1 and 49.2,even though it’s actually 31.2 & 31.3.  (That’s why some TV’s get two 49.1’s and 49.2’s)

Why am I Receiving Spanish Audio on your Broadcast?
The FOX Network broadcasts two audio channels. One designated “English” and one designed “Spanish”. If you are receiving the wrong audio, find a button labeled MTS or SAP or AUDIO or SPANISH on your remote and select the preferred audio.

How do I Perform a Channel Scan?
Run the “scan” function on your converter box or digital television set, usually on the remote control, labeled “set-up” or “menu” or some similar term. Consult the owner’s manual for more detailed instructions on how to run a channel scan. Once the scan is complete, you should be receiving digital channels through your antenna.