St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at Dublin’s Pass

St. Patrick’s day started early at Dublin’s Pass with a traditional Irish breakfast. Followed by them getting ready for the big night.

Corn beef, Guinness, potatoes, and more Guinness! An Irish breakfast fit for a king.

St. Patrick’s day has brought out Ireland’s best to Springfield.

“It’s the biggest holiday for my family. Nothing but corn beef, beer all day basically,” says Robert McMahon.

“We did some stuff with now the fiance and friends but that’s about it. Nothing too crazy,” says Jose Garcia.

And the perfectly poured Guinness had the staff at Dublin’s coming into work two hours early to deal with the overflowing prep work.

“We actually have our liquor cages as well as our walk-in is completely full of liquor. I had to crawl to change a keg in there this morning,” says assistant manager at Dublin’s Pass Daniel Morris.

And as of 2013… 35 and half of Americans claim they have Irish ancestry.

And in the spirit of the Irish holiday, if you’re not wearing green you might just get pinched!

If you missed out on the traditional breakfast this morning don’t worry! Dublin’s is having live music until closing time.

And you can do it all over again tomorrow! But, you better get there early!

“Was intense! I’m talking, like even at the time we opened up there was a line out the door. You couldn’t get in,” says Morris.

Dublin’s Pass is serving green beer tonight. But, don’t worry if you’re not feeling the luck of the Irish. Come on down, have some fun, drink a beer. But remember, stay safe out there. Uber is now available in our area.

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