Springfield Businesses Excel Nationally

A prominent business success list was released today, holding the names of the top five thousand private companies for growth in the United States… six of which are in Springfield.

Marlin network, JMARK business solutions, classy llama, Russell Cellular, the great game of business, and Gigsalad…. Each of these companies have made their mark in the Inc. 5000…a scale that ranks private businesses on growth and revenue.

Gigsalad, a booking platform for entertainers, performers, and speakers, has received the highest rank in town… With revenue growth of six hundred and sixty four percent over the last three years.

Mark Steiner, the CEO of Gigsalad says “682 out of 5,000 was not what we expected”

But 682 isn’t good enough for Gigsalad… planning to double their numbers from last year….they are far from done.

“You know it’s like onward and forward, what’s next, we’re not going to rest on these laurels, we have a lot of work to do, and we’re really excited about what’s to come”
The great game of business placed second in the queen city… placing at 2518 on the top 5000 list…

Rich Armstrong, President, The Great Game of Business says “Being part of the Inc. 5000 is fantastic, and it represents those companies that are doing things to grow their business and expand”

So what’s the secret to growing a successful business? Well… everyone has their own methods.

Steiner saying “We have a five year plan that we work off of, so we kind of state where exactly we would like to be in five years in terms of our growth.”

Armstrong saying “The secret sauce for us is we have a great team, I mean, we have individuals who do superb work”

Local businesses being feature in the Inc. 5000 isn’t just good for them, it’s great for Springfield too.

Matt Morrow, President, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce says “They represent around 1400 jobs in our community right now, and that’s 1400 livelihoods, 1400 families that are supported by the work that is happening from these companies”

Steiner says “Well, I think there’s a great community effect of what we do, because the whole idea of growing your businesses is about creating more jobs right, creating more opportunities or people, giving them opportunities to do much more than they ever thought they could do.”

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