More People In ER During St. Patrick’s Day

Springfield, MO.- (3/17/17)

If you’re out on the town this weekend, chances are, you’ll see people wearing green, and drunk and so will Mercy Hospital. Especially after bars close.

Dawn Day, an Emergency Room Charge Nurse at Mercy says, “The outfits change around that time of night. We often see people coming in wearing green glitter, hats, and clothes a few years ago, we had a leprechaun come in”.

Mercy says they expect anywhere from a 20-30% increase in the amount of patients who will visit the er this st. Patrick’s day weekend, the majority of those, will most likely be contributed to alcohol consumption.

Day continued, “We always know that we will have an increase in the amount of people that are partying, we see a lot of patients that are intoxicated with alcohol, sometimes drugs”.

That means, an increase in traumas.

“We also see things that people think they can jump areas they cant jump, or they feel like they can do a summer salt down the hill that they can’t do” says Day.

Also among the top causes for visits to the ER drinking and driving, which is never something you want to do. And with st. Patrick’s day falling on a weekend, this year,  things could be even busier

Day added, “I think we’re going to see party people on Friday and Saturday night”

If someone you know does end up in the ER however, mercy knows exactly how to take care of them.

“We give them fluids, we make sure their airway is patent, and that they are medically safe and stable” she continued.

So, have fun this weekend, but stay safe you can always turn to  a sober friend, or a person that can help drive you home so that you don’t end up in the ER.

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