Norwegian Cruise Sets Sail to Cuba

(03/09/2017) Norwegian Cruise Line has added Cuba to it’s list of destinations.

The cruise line made a trip to Havana today with more than 1,000 passengers boarding the “Marina” ship from Miami. This was the first of the three trips to Cuba this month.

“Miami is the port capital of the world. We visit destinations throughout the Caribbean and Cuba has been off limits for 50-60 years and I think it’s time that Cuba becomes an integral part of cruising out of port Miami and out of other ports throughout Florida”, stated the CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Frank Del Rio.

Norwegian Cruise is the third U.S. cruise company to travel to Cuba following the restoration of diplomatic relations between Havana and Washington under president Obama in 2015.

More than 88,000 passengers have visited the Island by means of cruises. Cuba’s ministry of tourism expects the arrival of the boats to double in 2017.


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