Millennial’s The Worst Drivers On The Road Right Now?

88 percent of millennial drivers admit in having risky behavior such as texting while driving.

In an article done by USA Today, millennials are under fire being called the worst drivers ever!

“No, I don’t think so. I think our lack of experience definitely plays a factor in that but I don’t think enough that we’re the worst drivers,” says millennial Megan Stahl.

“I’m not always on my phone. I don’t have my phone right on my lap and text while I’m driving,” says millennial Andrew Sherman. “Maybe when I reached a stop light or stop sign.”

AAA says that nearly 12 percent said it was okay to speed 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone.

A spokesman for the foundation says it’s alarming that drivers ages 19 to 24 believe that dangerous driving is acceptable.

Nearly half of millennial’s admitted that they ran a stop light even if they could have stopped safely. That’s compared to about 36 percent of the rest of the drivers.

These findings come as the number of traffic deaths rose to over 35,000 people last year.

Corporal Cathy Ussery says these stats is just putting a stereotype on the generation.

“Putting a label on them simply because you there have been a lot of things coming out in their generation which does lead into distracted driving,” says Ussery.

She says to help lower these statistics wear a seat belt, don’t be distracted by your phone or other electronics.

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