Homemade Baby Food Has Its Perks

Cox Health says making your own baby food has nutritional value.

Carrots, peas, and potatoes! Making baby food is blending its way into a few local parents homes.

“If I can just make it at home and not worry about what else is in there it just makes so much more sense,” says baby food maker Ginger Onyeka

And dietitians say it’s fun, cheap, and tastes better than store bought jars.

“I believe that it helps get kids excited about food, gets them more engaged,” says Cox dietitian Sara O’Callaghan “And I think you as a parent get a certain reward in creating and making your own baby food.”

O’Callaghan says don’t start them too early though! Around four months old is when a baby will start to show signs it’s ready.

“They have to have good head control. They have to be able to sit unsupported,” says O’Callaghan. “And they need to have lost the extrusion reflex which is when they kind of stick their tongue out of the mouth.”

She says the nutritional value also goes up! The more flavors a baby is exposed to before the age of one… the more likely they are to enjoy vegetables and fruits as older children.

“You’re able to holding on to a lot more of the nutrients as to oppose to buying them in the stores.”

And Onyeka says healthy options is what she wants.

“Hopefully, later this week, we can broaden that and start in with some of these homemade recipes,” says Onyeka.

And certain foods to stay away from, O’Callaghan says is honey, whole milk, and citrus. But don’t worry! Learning and growing with your baby to be smart and healthy is the goal.

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